Cybernetic Transgression and Diogenes’ Last Clay Jar


Heydar A. Aslanov * 1

1 Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Corresponding Author

Heydar A. Aslanov


quantification, philosophy, reality, transgression, equalization, virus, digitalized, cyber


Since deconstruction has become the key concept of postmodern times, we have faced the phenomenon of digital reality, yet not fell completely under the that paradigm of deconstruction. There is still undecided status and destiny of traditional philosophy, as a unique way of perception and reflection - not in terms of applied methodology in comprehension of new digital world, but the very possibility of philosophy itself. This paper addresses the recent essential trend of social transformation toward quantified and digitalized mode in relation to very necessity of philosophical thought. The most praised and welcomed digitalization of every aspect of social and private life, leaves no territories for classic abstractions and reflections. Moreover, the transgression of digitalization is virulent in nature, considering virus - both cyber or biological - as an accelerator to virtualize the reality completely. By thus, virulence terminates the logic of being, the logic as a very background for philosophy. Given mentioned two trends - quantifying equalization and illogical virulence of recent cyber world, I argue for impossibility for abstract thoughts and notions to be shaped under new e-environment, so philosophy is no more of demand and destined to disappear. Thus, postmodern deconstruction, shaped up by cyber transgression still is an issue in process we have to leave with.


Heydar A. Aslanov. Cybernetic Transgression and Diogenes’ Last Clay Jar. CHR (2021) CHR ICEIPI 2021: 15-18. DOI: 10.54254/chr.iceipi.2021167.


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