Effect of Travelling on Travelers' Impression and Openness Toward the Local Culture


Ruier Ma * 1

1 Tabor Academy

Corresponding Author

Ruier Ma


multicultural experiences, impression, travel, openness


This study focuses on researching the relationship between travelling and travelers’ openness and impression toward the local culture afterwards. The relationship was measured through a survey evaluating participants' background and travelling experiences. A conclusion was drawn from the survey that travelers’ travelling at a younger age, longer duration, and had more interactions with locals have a higher openness and a more positive impression of the travelled country.


Ruier Ma. Effect of Travelling on Travelers' Impression and Openness Toward the Local Culture. CHR (2021) CHR ICEIPI 2021: 63-68. DOI: 10.54254/chr.iceipi.2021217.


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