The Development of Women’s Status in the Olympic Games


Steven Zheng * 1

1 Institute of Statistics, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economy

Corresponding Author

Steven Zheng


gender equality, women’s participation, Olympic Games, IOC


The These days, with the progress of women’s status, female athletes have played a more positive role in modern women sports, especially in women's participation in the Olympic Games. It is generally argued that the degree of women’s participation in Olympics Games denotes a sign of gender equality progress. Women do not only take their participation number and events in the Olympic Games as a measure of the gender progress in the field of sports but also tend to have a louder voice in decision-making. This article examines how the rising of women’s status gradually result in broader participation in Olympic Games by measuring the number of events and the distribution of medals among different countries for male and female competitions and the higher degree of women’s participation in IOC (International Olympic Committee). In fact, with the awakening awareness of gender equality, this research method can also employ in a wide range of fields in the future.


Steven Zheng. The Development of Women’s Status in the Olympic Games. CHR (2021) CHR ICEIPI 2021: 69-76. DOI: 10.54254/chr.iceipi.2021219.


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