How Has Street Culture Changed the Nature of Luxury?


Jiacheng Zhou * 1

1 Metropolitan College,Boston University

Corresponding Author

Jiacheng Zhou


street culutre, luxury, marketing strategy


This article mainly studies how street culture influences luxury brands. Modern luxury brands want to meet the changing needs of consumers around the world. While maintaining product permanence and heritage, it is also beginning to generate the pursuit of specificity or specific services. There is a link between street culture and the luxury industry that cannot be ignored. By reading the literature and materials, and adopting rrchival research in this paper. And analyze from the perspectives of Marketing strategies, Marketing model, and supply and demand. It is not difficult to find that the street culture has changed the luxury goods from various aspects through the uniqueness of its creation.


Jiacheng Zhou. How Has Street Culture Changed the Nature of Luxury?. CHR (2021) CHR ICEIPI 2021: 77-81. DOI: 10.54254/chr.iceipi.2021227.


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