Export of Chinese Animated Film:A Case Study on “Nezha”


Siyun Zhao * 1

1 Sichuan Agricultural University

Corresponding Author

Siyun Zhao


cross-cultural communication, movie industry, animated films


The box office of Chinese films is growing, and domestic films have made a great contribution.Chinese films has also becoming an important component of Chinese cultural exportation. Animated films have advantage of having wider audience, which can convey national values more gently and shape the national image imperceptibly. This paper took the animated film "Nezha", which was a dark horse at the domestic box office, as an example to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese animation film in cross-cultural communication. The study found that although technique and animation visual effects received good commonts from the overseas audience, the cultural barriers and the lack of commercial publicity was still a constaint for Chinese animated films.


Siyun Zhao. Export of Chinese Animated Film:A Case Study on “Nezha”. CHR (2021) CHR ICEIPI 2021: 28-33. DOI: 10.54254/chr.iceipi.2021185.


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